What You Should Know About Springtail Infestation

No homeowner wants to come home to unwanted pests in their home. This is because these pests do not only damage homes but have the potential to harm your family.

If your home is infested with springtail, you will notice the presence of flea-like insects in your home. Although these tiny insects are harmless to humans, they can cause problems in your home when left to grow in high numbers.

If you notice the presence of springtails in your home, then you should contact the springtail bug control in Michigan. To guide you, we will discuss what you should know about springtail infestation.

What is springtail?

Springtails are tiny wingless insects, also known as snow fleas. They are about 1/16th of an inch in length, with bodies either black, dark, blue, gray, or white. Although they do not fly because they are wingless, they can be seen hopping from one place to another, just like fleas.

Springtails can mostly be seen in moist environments because they prefer to lay their eggs on moist soil. Although they do not feed off living creatures, you will find them eating decaying matter, including the roots and leaves of living plants.

How springtail gets into your home

Springtails can be found in dark outdoor environments and moist places when their environment is dry. This includes your garden, and they can also enter your home using any small opening. Some of these openings include;



Plumbing and pipes

Cracks in foundation

Garage doors



Crawl spaces

As soon as a springtail gets into your home, they make it an obligation to stay in moist areas in your home and even inhabit multiple places as its population grows. You can find them in your garage, kitchen, bathroom, and even basement.

Springtails are likely to be found in the cabinetry and piping places of the kitchen and moist areas like toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. If your basement has any damp areas, then you will likely find them congregating there. Identifying these places is necessary to help you know when to contact a stink bug control in Ann Arbor.


Although springtails appear harmless, they are pests, and you should not ignore them. By hiring a springtail bug control in Michigan, you can prevent and get rid of springtail infestation in your home. Moreover, with the information provided above, it is now easy to identify them.