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Seen Pepe Le Pew? Pest EZ Pest & Wildlife Services can help! Our team is trained to relocate skunks.

  • Older females bear young during early spring; younger females bear young later in the spring.
  • Litters can have up to 16, but usually only 4 to 6
  • The kits remain in the nest and are weaned in about two months, then they will follow the mother as she forages, generally they will stay with their mother until they are ready to mate, at about one year of age.
  • The mother is very protective of her kits and will often spray at any sign of danger.
  • The male plays no part in raising the young and may even kill them.
  • Skunks do not hibernate, but go into a semi-dormant stage during the winter.
  • They spend the winter in burrows or other underground burrow type dens.
  • They eat insects and larvae, grasshoppers, beetles, and crickets. They also commonly eat earthworms, small rodents, lizards, salamanders, frogs, snakes, birds, moles, berries, roots, leaves, grasses, apples, grapes, fish, fungi, nuts, carrion, eggs of roosting chickens & ground-nesting birds, mice and rats. Cottontail rabbits, and other small mammals are taken when other food is scarce.
  • In populated areas, skunks will raid garbage cans, and may sneak into a garage or basement where pet food is kept.
  • Skunks will commonly “roll up” freshly laid sod or dig holes in the lawns, golf courses, and gardens in search of grubs and worms. Digging normally appears as small, 3- to 4-inch cone-shaped holes or patches of upturned earth.
  • Skunks are a major predator of honeybee colonies; their thick fur will protect them from stings.
  • Droppings are 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter and 1 to 2 inches long.

Skunk Removal & Control Services

Our Approach To Skunk Removal & Control Services

Since every skunk situation is unique, we’ll come up with a custom solution for you. With over 10 years of experience relocating skunks, we’re Ann Arbor’s leading provider of skunk control services. Learn how we keep skunks (and other common critters) out of your yard. Our team is Happy to help. Learn more about our unique approach to skunk control below:


Thru the inspection process, we will evaluate the yard. Identifying yard marks, movement of skunks and possible boroughs.


Once our detective work is finished and we have tracked the skunk we will set and bait the traps. We will monitor and relocate trapped skunks.


Pest EZ can provide you with long term results. Give us a call 734-802-1234 to find out how we can secure your decks, sheds and yard.

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After your pest inspection, we’ll provide you with a quote that makes sense for your budget and unique needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Other than spotting a skunk walking around your property there a couple other identifiers. Skunks will dig up your grass looking for food. There are usually quite a few 2-3 inch dig marks grouped in an area. If left alone they can leave your yard a mess. Another identifier would be the smell. Usually if you have a skunk in the area there will be a lingering odor that’s is unmistakable,

There are many different ideas on how to keep skunks at bay. Most of which are keeping different scents in the yard. Ammonia, moth balls, and citrus are some that people use. Relocation is the best practice with skunks.

Skunks are nocturnal, usually active from early evening through the night. They usually spend their days sleeping in dens, although during the warm months they may bed in vegetation. Dens are usually below ground but may be found in a stream or pond banks, lumber piles, decks, sheds, or beneath porches or in crawl spaces.

To get your concern under control, a proper inspection is your very first step. This allows us to design a unique program for your specific situation. So please give us a call at 734-802-1234 to schedule your skunk inspection. Our team is thoroughly trained in tracking and relocating skunks and will keep these pests where they belong: away of your business and home.

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