Dead Animal Control

Our Dead Animal Removal Service

Our team at Pest EZ are highly trained and experienced in removing dead animals from your home or business Pest EZ Pest & Wildlife Services can help! 734-802-1757

Dead Animal Removal Service

Our Unique Approach To Dead Animal Removal Service

Our team is Happy to help! Learn more about our unique approach to dead animal control below


Having a horrible smell in your house can be nightmarish! We can track smells based off entry points (playing detective). If needed Pest EZ can scope the walls. A full inspection includes the exterior and interior.


After a thorough inspection our tech will remove the dead animal.


A dead animal carcass can have multiple insects associated with the infected area. Also, smells will dissipate over time. We do have products for bad odors.

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After your pest inspection, we’ll provide you with a quote that makes sense for your budget and unique needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dead animal matter can contain a lot of bacteria and other pathogens, that can infect people directly or through contamination of their food or the water supply. If not properly dealt with, animal carcasses can pose a considerable risk of illness.

Or technicians at Pest EZ, have the capabilities and tools to remedy the situation.

When animals die, their bodies begin to decompose, and that can release a pretty powerful stench. The presence of flies can accompany the smell.

To get the dead animal out of your home a proper inspection is your very first step. This allows us to evaluate the situation. So please give us a call at 734-802-1259 to schedule a technician today.

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