Reasons Why You Need A Bat Exclusion/ Relocation

Often times, people tend to notice that various small animals such as skunks, mice, and bats try to live in their homes due to the cold weather. Although these animals might seem gentle, you definitely do not want them to continue living with you, as they leave droppings, make noise, and can even introduce parasites into your home. In cases where you are dealing with bats, a bat relocation service Novi is all you need to get rid of these animals.

What is Bat Exclusion?

This refers to a technique in which bats are enticed to leave a building, after which a device to prevent them from finding their way back in is installed at their main entrance by a bat exclusion service in Ann Arbor. This method occurs in 3 phases:

Observation: after a specialist is sent to the location, he looks for the particular place of entry and exit of the bats. They check out evidence like bat droppings, leaves, and small holes that are big enough to size a bat.

Repair: the specialist then seals off all available entrances and exits of the bat, leaving just a single one that is large enough. By employing a bat relocation service Novi, you are able to spare yourself the stress of doing this on your own.

Exclusion: at night when a larger portion of the bats have left the area, the bat specialist then puts a custom-made bat exclusion device over the last access point, which allows the bats to leave the building but prevents them from coming back in. The bats are safe once they leave the building through the device and are unable to find their way back in.

Reasons Why You Need To Exclude

Below are some of the major reasons why you need to relocate or exclude bats rather than kill them.

It is more effective: eliminating bats in your building does not resolve the situation, as you are only creating room for another group of bats to stay. Therefore, it is better to either catch them and relocate them to another place entirely or kill them.

It is a healthier process: using toxins or pesticides to kill bats is in no way healthy for you as these chemicals affect you in one way or the other. Therefore, a bat exclusion service Ann Arbor will provide you with the best solution for relocating or excluding the bats.


Making use of a bat relocation service Novi is considered one of the most effective ways of dealing with bats living in your home.