What Should You Know About New Construction Pest Treatment?

When you opt for any new construction on your property, you must ensure that it is wholly safeguarded against pest infestation. While some kinds of infestations are unavoidable, you can provide a degree of protection for your property with the help of new construction pest treatment in Milford.

This treatment aims to install a protective layer to prevent bugs and pests from entering your property. Here is what you need to know about it.

Purpose of the Treatment

The purpose of the treatment is to ensure that pests like termites do not enter your property. With a pre-treatment, the termites and bugs are repelled from the property, ensuring the long-term safety of the structure and the inmates of the house.

Pest damage can lead to expensive repairs later, so a pre-treatment will prove to be an excellent investment. With springtail bug control in Michigan, you can rid your property of insects that can cause damage to plants and vegetation in your house.

Professional Treatment

Opting for professional pest control before new construction is very crucial. It would be wrong to assume that pest control experts must also be summoned after a property has already been infested.

Professional pest controllers also specialize in pre-treatments, and hence it is a good idea to call them during new construction. It takes a lot more than simply asking your contractor to mix some commercial pest-killing agent with the paint and applying it to your property.


When you opt for professional pest control treatment during new construction, you can be assured of getting quality services that will come with a warranty. The experts will give you a precise estimate of what kind of pests your house is protected against.

This ensures that your investment is in safe hands, and they will also come around for another episode of treatment if there are pest infestations within the warranty.

Health and Hygiene

Apart from providing pest control for new construction, the experts will also survey the surroundings of your property and give you valuable tips about the do’s and don’ts to keep away pests. This will go a long way to ensure that you do not end up unwittingly bringing things into your property, or indulge in practices, that can become a magnet for the pests later.

Taking care of new construction is crucial, and new construction pest treatment in Milford is all about safeguarding your home for long-term benefits.