Steps Involved in Wasp Nest Removal from Your Property

Wasps build wasp nests in Spring, containing anything between 100-400 individual wasps. These nests are made up of a mixture of chewed wood and saliva, known as paper pulp. Wasp activity will be high during this time, but the stings pose no real danger to humans.

The threat posed by animals like moles, rats, mice, and rabbits is unbearable. You may need to call a mole trapping service in Michigan for immediate help in some cases.

Here are the steps involved in wasp nest removal from your property by professionals.

Step 1: They Will Inspect Your Property

The first thing the technicians do is inspect your property. They will look for areas where they can find wasp nests and who might be living there.

The main factors considered are shade, location above ground, materials used to build it, etc. It helps them select the appropriate chemical which will solve your problem without causing any damage to your property.

Step 2: Chemical Application

After the inspection is complete, experts for small wasp nest removal in Ann Arbor will apply chemicals to kill the wasps living in the nest. They mostly use aerosol canisters, which are pressurized with highly concentrated chemicals for this purpose.

When sprayed on the nests, these form a thick foam and kill all of them within minutes.

They will also inject insecticides into the nests by using special equipment specifically designed for this purpose. It will kill the whole colony at once and ensure no wasps escape.

Step 3: Cutting Nests

Once treatment is complete, they cut open the nest so that it can be removed from your property easily. The experts slice it lengthwise to access the entire nest and kill every living thing inside. They also use special chemicals to ensure they are eradicated.

Step 4: Removal

After everything is done, they remove all the wasp nests and clean up your property to make it safe for your family. The process involves removing all nests, chemicals, and dead wasps from the property.

Expert services for small wasp nest removal in Ann Arbor can also be obtained from a pest control company.

These companies will also provide regular check-up services to your property for 1-2 months so that you can be assured of complete safety from wasps.

Step 5: Prevention

It is also possible to prevent these colonies from building nests near your home or office. You can do the procedure by using a special wire mesh that the wasps cannot penetrate easily. It will ensure they can never build a nest near your building for many years to come.


It is advisable to use professional wasp removal services for this task. This way, you can ensure that all nests are entirely removed from your property in a single visit.