Is Pest Control Worth It?

In addition to DIY methods, there are traditional methods of pest control and green pest control from a professional exterminator. Pest control efforts, however you choose to do it, are well worth the investment. Whenever possible, preventative pest control is the best approach. Simple preventative measures can be taken by anyone, such as maintaining a clean, well-sealed house, keeping your lawn mowed, and practicing good hygiene in and around the house. Unfortunately, pests can sometimes be very tenacious, and these efforts aren’t always effective.

There can be some serious consequences associated with pest infestations in your home or property. Termites are a type of pest often found in houses, and they can greatly damage your property. Droppings from cockroaches can spread disease and trigger allergies and asthma. Viruses such as West Nile and Zika can be transmitted by mosquitoes. Bite-causing insects that contaminate food and cause pain. They can transmit serious diseases like Lyme disease and STARI, not only causing itchy bites but also causing pain. Rodents that can damage wood and wiring and carry infectious diseases; and bed bugs that can rapidly infest your home.

Over $3 billion was spent on pest control and extermination services in the United States last year, according to the National Pest Control Association. It’s safe to say that the investment in pest control is worth it if you’ve ever had a pest infestation in your home. Pest control companies offer the following advantages:

Safety & Health

Families and pets are at the top of most people’s priority lists. You can expose your family and pets to harmful diseases and bacteria by allowing pests to remain in your home. The removal of these pests quickly can help prevent long-term damage to your family and provide long-term protection. Several pest control companies are now offering environmentally friendly alternatives to harsh chemicals, such as products made from natural earth elements, flowers, and plants.


Many different types of pests can be controlled by pest control professionals, due to their training, education, and expertise. Besides knowing where and how often to apply these different pest control methods, they know how to identify, prevent, and eliminate each type of pest. The professionals also have access to the latest technological developments and treatments even if consumer products may not be available.


Finding the source of the problem maximizes the effectiveness of pest control. In the absence of successful eradication of the source, treatment will not be effective. An inspection of the inside and outside of your home is a routine part of pest control. As a result, they are able to identify not only the source of your current pest problem but also any future pest problems that may arise. A pest control technician will inspect your property and provide you with a customized pest control program using the most advanced and innovative products and equipment available. Utilizing an integrated pest management (IPM) program that includes inspections, pest identification, ongoing perimeter control. Continual communication will help prevent future problems. Treatment as a routine procedure and inspection also lets them see pest problems early on before they become severe.


Professional pest control services can cost you upfront, but in the long run, the savings can be significant. It’s usually faster and more effective to use professional extermination services rather than do-it-yourself. Also, you can prevent costly infestations and damage in the future by identifying pest problems quickly and eliminating them. The consumer can also expect to get a return visit from the pest control company between recurring visits free of charge if this is required.

What You Need to Know About Pest Control Companies

When you can’t handle a problem on your own, it is advantageous for you to trust a professional to handle the job, rather than spending a lot of money and time on it. Insects that can be difficult to get rid of from your property include:

  • Cockroaches:

    Because of their high resistance and ability to reproduce rapidly, cockroaches are a great example of an infestation that is beyond your control. DIYers cannot use many effective methods, and even if 5% of their population survives, they will completely repopulate in a few months.

  • Bedbugs:

    It is also hard to get rid of bed bugs. Bedbugs do not just live in beds. The survivors will repopulate if they survive. Therefore, if your home is infested with bedbugs, call a professional pest control service.

  • Aggressive Wasps and Hornets:

    A pest control professional should really handle aggressive wasps and hornets (spoiler: They’re all aggressive). The removal of a wasp or hornet nest can be life-threatening if handled improperly.

  • Termites:

    No matter how localized your termite problem may be, it is best to seek a professional’s opinion simply because of the extent of the damage they can do to your home.

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