How to Choose the Right Mouse Trap

When mice and rats enter your house, they may spread disease, contaminate food, and cause significant physical damage. When armed with information from groundhogs trapping services Novi , taking the do-it-yourself approach to a mouse-free home may be beneficial.

Snap Trap

Snap traps are the most commonly used professional home pest control  method. These traps provide a quick and effective solution to a mouse infestation in your house. They can be difficult and even frightening to set for the inexperienced pest controller due to the risk of the trapping mechanism snapping and injuring a finger. Follow the directions carefully, avoid putting your fingers in the trapping mechanism’s path, and keep them out of the reach of dogs and children. Peanut butter or chocolate frosting is good trap baits. Cheese, while common in cartoon mouse traps, can dry up and become unappealing, rendering the trap ineffective.

Live Trap

When checked on a daily basis, these traps are the most humane way to get rid of mice in your house. To be effective, they must be checked on a daily basis. Mice enter these traps by a door that closes behind them, trapping them within the box. If the mice are left alone for too long, they will die of malnutrition, which is regarded to be worse than the rapid death inflicted by a snap trap. These traps might be useful if you want to get mice out of your house without killing them. If you catch a mouse, make sure to release it somewhere far away from your house so it doesn’t scamper back in.

Glue Board

Glue boards are excellent for capturing rats and have the added benefit of collecting bugs as well. Nonetheless, several people are apprehensive about using sticky traps due to the inevitable battle that the rat goes through when attempting to escape, as the rodent does not die as soon as it is captured. These traps are not suitable for do-it-yourselfers.

Electronic Repellent Devices

Products like this purport to create an ultrasonic sound that only rats and insects can hear in order to keep pests outside. Don’t waste your money on them; they just don’t work.

Important tips to remember:

  • If they have ready access to something tastier, rodents will not take your bait. To cut the mice’ food source, clean up spilt food and place stuff in tamperproof containers.
  • Mice can squeeze through openings the size of a coin. Look for cracks beneath doors, in the foundation, and where wires and pipes enter the house from the outside. Fill up these spaces to keep mice out from the start.