How Can Experts Help with Stink Bug Removal

Stink bugs tend to enter homes in winter in search of warmth. Though, they don’t expose you to health risks but can be a burden to your home and lifestyle. With the consistent decrease in temperature, you should pest-proof your home interior and exterior to remove stink bugs. Once you hire professionals dealing with wildlife removal in Ann Arbor, they can do it for you.

But how can they help you with stink bug removal? Check the points below:

Entry Point Sealing

The professionals inspect your home exterior to find access points. They examine areas beyond chimneys, below the wood fascia, and around pipes and siding. With a high-quality silicone/silicone latex caulk, they can seal holes and cracks.

Replacement and Fixing

As stink bugs may enter your home via the tiniest openings, the experts replace and fix door/window damaged screens. They look for loose mortar and ripped-up weather stripping. Professionals dealing with stink bug control in Ann Arbor also install door sweeps if required.

Moisture and Food Sources Elimination

The experts remove moisture accumulation in your home to prevent pest infestations. They find and fix the clogged drains and pipe leakages.

To get rid of stink bugs, they also block their access to food. You should store edibles in airtight utensils and dispose of garbage every day in sealed containers. The professionals can perfectly sweep floors and wipe down counters to remove residue and crumbs from spillage.

Ventilation and Asset Inspection

The professionals can fully ventilate your garage, crawl areas, attics, and basements to remove harborage. They also use a dehumidifier in such areas and install screens over your attic vents and chimney.

Stink bugs tend to travel to your property assets and settle inside your home. Experts dealing with stink bug control in Ann Arbor check assets such as grocery bags and boxes before keeping them indoors.

Vacuum Utilization

After stink bugs have entered and settled in your home for a long time, it gets tough to get rid of them. Dead bugs leave residues inside bags which can stink up your property. The experts utilize a vacuum clear to remove them and dispose of the bags quickly to prevent bad smells from spreading in the area.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the ways experts can help with stink bug removal. You can pretreat your home for stink bugs before they turn out to be a big problem. But you should never delay once you notice a developed infestation. Hire professionals handling wildlife removal in Ann Arbor to assess the issues and implement the right solutions accordingly.