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Wood Chuck & Ground Hogs


It is against the law to use poison baits for woodchuck control. It is also not recommended to shoot them as most communities don't allow the discharge of firearms in their city. Live trapping is the preferred method of control. Trap sizes should be at least 36”x 11”x1

Woodchucks will eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit Clover, alfalfa, vegetables, peas, string beans, sweet corn various grains, grasses and succulent greens. Sweet potatoes, vegetable shoots and sprouts and corn make good baits. 


  • The female woodchuck has one litter of usually three to five young per year. 
  • Woodchucks live from 6 to 10 years. 
  • The "Gopher" in the Caddyshack movies is not actually a gopher - it is a woodchuck. 
  • The woodchuck will climb trees in search of food. 
  • The woodchuck has been observed swimming. 
  • The woodchuck has earned its nickname "whistle-pig" due to its tendency to produce a high-pitched whistle when frightened which it will often times mix with both barking and chattering noises. 
  • All woodchucks hibernate through the winter: systematically waking from their sleep in the spring by means of some sort of internal alarm clock that is not generally understood. 
  • The woodchuck does not "chuck wood" of any kind. 
  • A burrow and den system will be used for many seasons. The woodchuck will keep the nesting area of the den clean and change bedding material regularly.


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