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Red Squirrels

The Red Squirrel are very noisy and half the size as the gray Squirrel. Despite their size, the red squirrels are more aggressive than the large Gray squirrels. Red squirrels will chase the larger grays out of nesting sites and their territory. Red squirrels common in Michigan. 

Red squirrels are approximately 12 inches; their tails are four to five inches in length. They weigh about 7 to 9 ounces. They have a white underside, in summer they are reddish gray and in winter months they are orange-red in color. 

Red squirrels have been known to chase out large gray squirrels from nesting sites. Most homeowner complaints about Red squirrels come from when they access homes and buildings to nest inside attics and wall space. Gnawing, scratching and sounds early in the morning or daylight hours. Red squirrels mate in late winter. Mother will have two to five babies in the spring. They are born hairless and weigh about an ounce. They are completely independent within 12 weeks old.

Red squirrels feed on a variety of nuts, fruits and seeds; the green seeds of cone-bearing trees are preferred.

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