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Description: There are 22 species of woodpeckers in North America. They range in size and color. The most common species of woodpecker in the United States is the Downey Woodpecker; other common species include the Hairy Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker, and the Northern Flicker.

Habitat: Woodpeckers generally prefer wooded areas, though they can also be found in grassland and desert climates. 


Description: House sparrows have a wingspan of 6 inches. They have a body length of 5-6 inches. Male house sparrows have streaked brown plumage with pale cheeks, a grey crown and black bib. The females are paler and without the patterned head. 

Habitat: They are typically found near human habituation, including city centers, parks, gardens, farms and fields.

Diet: House sparrows feed mainly on seeds, but will also eat other vegetable matter and insects.


Description: Grackles are blackbirds, with iridescent purple-blue feathers on the back, neck and head. Their legs and heads are also black; they have yellow eyes, and a long tail. Grackles measure 11-13 inches in length, have a wingspan of 14-18 inches, and weigh anywhere from 2.6 – 5 ounces.

Habitat: Common grackles are found in open areas with scattered trees, in forest and urban areas. They can also be found in farmlands, orchards and swamps, savannahs, suburban and agricultural settings.

Diet: Grackles are omnivorous, eating insects, invertebrates, small fish and amphibians, mice, small bats, seeds, grains, acorns, and some fruits. Grackles will also eat bird eggs and nestlings, and the occasional adult bird.

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