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Types of bees: Carpenter Bees, Honey Bees,

Carpenter bees tend to appear as a humble bumble bee, despite their burrowing habit that they use in order protect their offspring. This burrowing can wreak havoc on wood structures like your home. The most common carpenter bee in Michigan resembles many of the closely related, large, yellow and black bumblebees we have here. The top of the abdomen of a carpenter bee is bare and shiny, whereas the abdomen of bumblebees is covered with black and yellow hairs.

Old trees are the nest of choice for carpenter bees, but they also opt to nest in wood. They tunnel into wooden object through the boring bee, which creates a perfectly round entrance that almost resembles being drilled by a tool. Carpenter bees seem to prefer softwoods like cedar, redwood and clear pines used in window trim, screens, soffits and fascia boards and decks.

Honey Bees are broken down into three types of categories: the worker bees, the drones and the Queen Bee. Honey Bees create hives to live in out of wax, then the old queen will leave the group with of the old hive, allowing for a new queen to be born within the new hive. Worker bees are the female members of the hive, and they mate with the drones, which are the male bees of the hive.  Honey Bees serve as a super-pollinator for most all fruits and vegetables that we consume.

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