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Scientists Have Figured Out This Weird Technique To Control Fire Ants

pest controlAnyone who says pest control is not interesting has failed to do their due diligence. The practice is ancient, reaching back thousands of years to when early agrarian societies would alternate different rows of crops, avoiding the susceptibility that comes with monocultures. Today, high-output mechanized crop producers use a variety of chemical pesticides to achieve pest prevention, growing huge amounts of the same crop that would be ravaged otherwise. With current farming techniques, in the absence of some form of pest control, it would be impossible to sustain a nation anywhere near the size of the United States. In fact, the National Pest Management Association estimates that without the pest control industry, 50% of our food supply could be destroyed by rodents and insects.

Agricultural pest elimination is just one piece of the puzzle, however. Residential extermination and pest detection services are essential to quality of life -- without these experts, many homes would be damaged and their food ransacked. While conventional insect traps can be very effective, scientists in Japan have figured out a highly inventive and impactful technique for stopping the scourge of fire ants: wasabi.

While fire ants originated in South America, they are now a nuisance worldwide thanks to the globalization of the shipping industry. According to Atlas Obscura, fire ants now can be found in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Though their presence has been noted in Japan for no more than a couple years, researchers at the University of Hyogo have already pioneered microencapsulated allyl isothiocyanate technology to eradicate the pests. This compound which makes wasabi, horseradish, and mustard so intense is extremely toxic to ants, killing them following contact with the capsules.

In a paper on the new technology, the researchers explain that while allyl isothiocyanate's toxicity to ants was known previously, it would not be used for pest control in shipping vessels due to its tendency to evaporate. However, the microencapsulation technique circumvents this issue by containing the volatile organic compound and releasing the vapor slowly over time. This should vastly reduce the transportation of fire ants via containerized cargo.

The pest control industry is constantly innovating and pushing the envelope to ensure that these creatures cannot wreak havoc on human society. If you have a pest problem you need taken care of, give Pest EZ a call right away.

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